Sihanoukville Port


Once you visit SihanoukVille, you always come back!

That's right!  The USNS SAFEGUARD has returned to SihanoukVille, Cambodia after a 6 month absence.  The ship returned to Cambodia in July 2009 to continue educating the Cambodian Navy Divers on underwater salvage and repair techniques.  And as usual, the crew of the SAFEGUARD learned a lot more from their time in SihanoukVille, Cambodia than they were expecting.







deep sea diving helmet in sihanoukville cambodia on the USNS SAFEGUARD
U.S. Navy Divers handling a 47 pound (20 Kilogram) diving helmet

sihanoukville, cambodia community leaders, (and a ship's captain)
SihanoukVille community leaders led on a ship tour by Captain Ed.

English Special Counsul to SihanoukVille.  Cambodian Finance Minister.  Captain Ed.  French Red Cross Doctor.     

stars and stripes in sihanoukville, cambodia
The Stars and Stripes in SihanoukVille

Looking at a big rope.

The Fix It room

Manning the watch.

On the Bridge

A view of the MV Doulos Library ship from the bridge of the SAFEGUARD


USNS Safeguard Bridge

More rain.

lunchtime at the sihanoukville, cambodia port
Lunchtime for the Cambodian Guards

captain mick
Thar be whales!

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Thanks once again to Captain Ed and the crew of the SAFEGUARD for inviting us to your ship, and helping our Navy Divers learn from the best!

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