Sihanoukville Port

USS Mustin

USS Mustin visits SihanoukVille, Cambodia

On October 10th, 2008, the USS Mustin, a guided missle destroyer, based in Japan, as part of the United States SEVENTH fleet, stopped by for a visit.  Thanks.  Hope to see you back again soon!

Pictures of the USS Mustin's return to SihanoukVille, Cambodia in 2010!


holy sh*t,  will you look at that

i'm calling my mom to say on board the uss mustin

welcome aboard the USS Mustin.

still using incandescents

uss mustin at sunset

we're friends now.  vietnam and US of A.

thanks to the Cambodia navy, the uss mustin is safe in Cambodian waters.

The USS Mustin returns to SihanoukVille, Cambodia in 2010!

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